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Accuracy Versus Novelty and Diversity in Recommender Systems: A Nonuniform Random Walk Approach

Ερευνητική Περιοχή: Συστήματα Συστάσεων Έτος: 2015
Είδος Δημοσίευσης: Σε Συλλογή Λέξεις Κλειδιά: Recommender systems; Trust networks; Non-uniform random walks; Rejection sampling; Accuracy; Novelty; Diversity
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Συντάκτης: Ulusoy, Özgür and Tansel, Abdullah Uz and Arkun, Erol
Σελίδες: 41-57
ISBN: 9783319143781
In this chapter, we focus on recommender systems that are enhanced with social information in the form of trust statements between their users. The trust information may be processed in a number of ways, including the random walks in the social graph, where every step in the walk is chosen almost uniformly at random from the available choices. Although this strategy yields satisfactory results in terms of the novelty and the diversity of the produced recommendations, it exhibits poor accuracy because it does not fully exploit the similarity information among users and items. Our work tries to model user-to-user and user-to-item relation as a probability distribution using a novel approach based on Rejection Sampling in order to decide its next step (biased random walk). Some initial results on reference datasets indicate that a satisfying trade-off among accuracy, novelty, and diversity is achieved.

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